Alex Cosper Interviews SF Bay Area Artist Adrian West

Conducted by Alex Cosper Live November 30, 2019 on WSRadio.com

Adrian West is a diverse adult alternative artist who plays multiple instruments including guitar and electric violin. His songwriting stands out as compelling due to insightful lyrics about his experiences and thoughts about society. But his projects begin on the musical side and then he adds lyrics later, citing that if the music is good, any lyrics will work. His approach to songwriting has culminated in two albums so far, Chameleons and Butterflies in 2010 and The Human Touch in 2019.

The first segment features Adrian's original song "Safe Streets" from The Human Touch. The song is a story about a citizen who sees corruption in local law enforcement. The song is a wake up call for society to speak up against violation of civil rights. The video includes original cartoon art and animation, making it unique for an indie music project. Adrian says, "I've always felt like it was really cool if you can take a serious or maybe even sad or controversial subject matter and put it to beautiful, compelling, maybe uplifting music."

Segment 2 covers Adrian's background starting in Montreal and his journey to the San Francisco Bay Area. Another song featured in the interview is the title track to The Human Touch album at the end of segment 2. Adrian gives his explanation of the song at the start of segment 3, relating to how life began. He says the song is an appreciation for how we got here and came to be. The segment fuses into Adrian's background as an independent database application programmer and then he gives his views on where music technology is going.

The final segment picks up with Adrian discussing opportunities for indie musicians with today's technology. He mentions opening for a New Zealand dream pop group that says it's attracted over 110,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, yet doesn't have access to them. Adrian says he's interested in getting on Spotify playlists, which is the current mystery for many indie artists. The interview concludes with the opening track called "There There Now" from the The Human Touch. As far as comparing recording with live performance, Adrian says he values live performance more.

Adrian West Interview Part 1: Safe Streets

Adrian West Interview Part 2: The Human Touch

Adrian West Interview Part 3: Adrian's Tech Roots

Adrian West Interview Part 4: There There Now

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