Musical Timelines in America

The following timelines represent snapshots of how music has changed over time. Many of the changes are the result of new technology. Some of the most popular types of American music grew from the roots of indepedent labels. Musical timelines reveal much more than a short playlist of songs. You can do your own research to come up with songs that tell a story. Musical timelines are useful for studying the evolution of recording technology and the type of musical forms that have mass acceptance. They can also be used for reunions, anniversaries, parties, history projects and fun posts for social media.

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Sample Musical Timeline

1880s - The era of recorded music begins
1890s - Military marching bands dominate the early national pop scene
1900s - Ragtime music is part of the national mainstream, along with folk and opera
1910s - Dixieland jazz from New Orleans becomes popular as early blues records begin to appear
1920s - Jazz sweeps the nation as commercial radio begins and starts to promote big band music
1930s - The Great Depression ushers in the era of the jukebox at bars and other public places
1940s - 45 rpm singles and 33 1/3 rpm albums are introduced
1950s - Rock and roll music gains massive popularity
1960s - The Beatles inspire a new generation of musicians to explore beyond pop music
1970s - 24 Track recording becomes the music industry standard
1980s - Music formats blossom beyond top 40 radio
1990s - Alternative rock challenges the status quo as rap and country sales soar
2000s - Apple revolutionizes the way people hear and buy music with iTunes
2010s - Music streaming services dominate music industry headlines

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