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Alex Cosper

History of Commercial Radio

This video is narrated by Alex Cosper and covers an overview of radio history since its inception in the late 19th century. Cosper gives a short summary of how radio changed each decade since its invention through the 21st century. The main theme is that it has been used as a propaganda medium all along. Since the American model for radio is based on advertising, the true nature of commercial radio is more persuasive, rather than a focus on informative or entertaining content. As the video reveals, radio backed itself in a deep hole of debt by chasing big money. Ironically, radio's heyday was when it focused on serving communities rather than trying to develop national brands.

KWODumentary: 90s Alternative Radio

KWODumentary is about an hour long video documentary about alternative radio station KWOD in Sacramento, California during the 1990s. The format went against the grain of standard corporate radio, which closely followed the national charts. The alternative format, however, was a departure from the norm, at least for awhile. KWOD launched several music careers by experimenting with new music and taking chances with local artists. It was a top rated station in Sacramento, overshadowing its rock competitors. KWODumentary is divided into 9 segments. Watch the entire series at

Radio Industry Interviews

This video is called "Why Radio Plays Too Many Commercials." It's part of an exclusive series about the radio industry featuring interviews by radio veterans Alex Cosper and Sam Cadura. It includes topics that typical radio industry publications do not cover. Part of the problem with the radio industry is that it congratulates itself a lot in the press even when it's failing. This series strives to uncover the industry's problems and to set the record straight. Find this series on SacTV.

How Custom Guitars are Made by Mark Dobbins

Mark Dobbins is a custom guitar maker who has studied the art and science of excellent sounding string instruments. He designs and builds guitars, ukeleles, mandolins and hybrid instruments. This video is the first of five segments that explores the process of guitar manufacturing in Mark's home workshop in Sacramento, CA. The video series has five segments here.

Freeform Radio Survives

This video captures scenes from legendary Sacramento freeform station KZAP jumping back on the air in November 2012. The jocks did it by taking over UC Davis station KDVS for a few days. Several of the jocks who worked on KZAP in the late sixties and early seventies returned to the airwaves to play their favorite music from the era. Check out the entire series of interviews here.

History of Indie Music

The history of the independent music goes further back than young historians remember. Although the term "indie" still didn't appear in dictionaries in 1979, the concept that it represented had been around since the early 20th century when an expansion of labels helped spread jazz and blues music. Eventually rock and roll, punk and other cutting edge genres entered the mainstream through independent labels.

Where Have All The Pop Stars Gone?

Two authors discuss their research on whatever happened to certain sixties and seventies pop artists. Jeff March and Marti Smiley Childs talk about their interviews with about 90 aritsts, covered in three books from the late nineties through 2012. The latest book is called Where Have All The Pop Stars Gone? See the entire series of segments from their book signining presentation here.

Interviews with Johnny Hyde About Top 40 Radio History

Johnny Hyde watched top 40 radio develop and then became a program director connected with the top pros of the era. For awhile he worked for the radio consulting team of Drake Chenault before their programming influenced the nation. He then programmed one of the top West Coast stations in America, taking them to the top of the market. See all 8 video interview segments here.

Alex Cosper Interviews Michele Jennae About Indie Music

In August 2012 Alex Cosper met with indepedendent online entrepreneur Michele Jennae to talk about opportunities for indie artists. She is one of the founders of The Indie Times, a platform that publicizes and connects indie culture. The site has many tips for artists, writers and people who are developing online followings.

Alex Cosper Interviews Mike Lidskin of Twirl Radio

Mike Lidskin is host of his own freeform show called Twirl Radio on Access Sacramento pubilc radio station The Voice. Interviewed by Alex Cosper on January 19, 2013, Mike talks about how he was inspired by Chicago radio station WXRT. Mike plays anything he wants on his show and is not afraid to mix extreme styles as long as it sounds artistic. While corporate radio struggles to make a profit, he doesn't have to worry about the playlist being shaped by financial pressure.

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