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I created Playlist Research in 2007 when I returned to Sacramento from working in the radio industry in San Francisco and Palm Springs. All Access reported the launch of Playlist Research on June 20, 2007. I have been a web developer and content writer for several websites. Working in radio for many years and writing for a music industry publication gave me lots of knowledge on how songs become hits. So I created this library of music and media research for you. It's designed to be a helpful resource in case you want to be your own DJ.

While the 20th Century music was about albums and singles, the 21st Century has redefined music as an era of digital playlists and downloads. While both the music and radio industries lagged financially in the first decade of the new century tech companies like Apple and Google grew. Apple in particular introduced the new business model for selling music in the new century as its iTunes Music Store became the top music retail outlet in America in 2007, four years after its launch.

Digital music players like iTunes taught all generations a new way to organize and play music. iTunes not only lets you create your own playlist and play it back like a radio station, it lets you publish iMixes of your selections which the rest of the world can listen to. The digital platforms and tools that have sprung up in the new millennium for music and video pretty much give you powers once held only by professional media and production studios.

This site presents many song lists, which are not scientific surveys but represent general lists of commonly known songs for a particular theme, era or genre. The main purpose of this site is to direct you the music researcher/fan to useful and powerful lists of songs that will help you craft your own custom playlists. I also like to report on the indie music from various regional scenes.

Alex Cosper
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