How to Find a Wedding DJ
by Alex Cosper

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Your wedding is an event that you want to be exciting and memorable. That's why many couples take the extra step of searching for suitable talent when it comes to entertainment for the reception. If the event is being recorded on video then it's a must not to cut corners on hiring a wedding DJ. Who you hire should depend on the type of wedding you want and the level of experience you want.

The best way to begin your search for a wedding DJ is through people in your own circles of family and friends. Ask couples who you trust what they thought of their wedding DJ. Usually the best wedding DJs get a lot of business from word of mouth and handing out business cards, as well as the phone book and online marketing. If you have heard of a DJ who has hosted events for several friends, then that might be someone to ask about.

Wedding DJs who do an outstanding job will have no problem providing references. The seasoned professionals have websites that post reviews from clients. They will also mention their most impressive history and list the venues where they have performed. The site should provide photos that convey fun and professionalism. If the website does not give any indication that the event is supposed to please the client and the crowd, then you may want to keep looking. If you talk with a candidate on the phone, notice how many questions he or she asks you, which should indicate their interest level about making the event as successful as possible.

There are really only a few types of wedding DJs. There are those who do a great job regardless of the pay and then everyone else. In the new century many opportunities for wedding DJs have dried up partly due to so many people building up their own music libraries on their portable devices. The iPhone craze led to many people becoming their own music curators and didn't need to hire anyone to present music for them. But a mobile DJ brings more to the party than just a music library. The best DJs are also great entertainers on the microphone and know how to get the crowd involved.

If you want a quality DJ for your wedding, then you need to probe and ask questions. But if you just need an affordable DJ, you just need to make sure it's someone with experience who offers a bargain. The last thing you want to do is hire someone inexperienced for an event as monumental as a wedding. Sometimes low prices can mean low quality. The reason experience matters is because someone who has seen a lot of crowd response has a better idea of what works and what doesn't work than someone who lacks experience. You can always be your own DJ if you can't find someone who fits your criteria.

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