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Timeline of Internet Music History
by Alex Cosper

1969 - Internet era begins with the unveiling of ARPANET
1989 - World Wide Web developed by Tim Berners Lee at CERN
1995 - Internet usage begins to become widespread
1995 - AudioNet is founded as an early internet radio company
1997 -, founded by Michael Robertson and Greg Flores, debuts in December
1998 - Derek Sivers launches online music store for indie artists, CDBaby in Woodstock, NY
1999 - First version of RSS is created by Netscape employees Dan Libby and Ramanathan Guha
1999 - Napster debuts in June as a free music file-swapping service
1999 - AOL acquires internet radio site
1999 - Yahoo acquires, formerly AudioNet, for $5.7 billion
1999 - LAUNCH Media introduces LAUNCHcast Internet Radio
1999 - Cox Interactive Media buys 10% stake in and invests $45 million in June
1999 - goes public and raises over $370 million, making it the largest tech IPO to date
1999 - is founded as an online music community
2000 - Soma FM debuts as an internet radio station in February
2000 - Metallica files lawsuit against Napster in March for allowing leaked song to circulate
2000 - RIAA sues Napster for copyright infingement
2000 - Court rules in favor of UMG vs over copyright infringements
2000 - Savage Beast Technologies designs custom internet radio software
2001 - Vivendi Universal acquires for $372 million in stock
2001 - Napster is ordered by a court to shut down in July due to copyright infringement
2001 - Apple introduces the iPod and iTunes Music Player
2001 - PressPlay launches in December as an online music store joint venture of UMG and Sony Music
2001 - Tim Reid's transforms Aladdin into Rhapsody music service, which launches in December
2001 - Yahoo acquires Launch for $12 million, which is later rebranded as Yahoo Music
2002 - Yahoo shuts down, which had become rebranded as Yahoo! Broadcast Services
2002 - Friendster launches as an early social media site
2003 - Roxio acquires PressPlay
2002 - A court forces bankrupt Napster to liquidate its assets
2002 - Yahoo! Music Radio, formerly LAUNCHcast, debuts
2003 - launches in August as a social media site that caters to indie artists
2003 - iTunes Music Store debuts
2004 - Savage Beast Technologies becomes Pandora Media debuts as a paid then advertising service
2004 - Mark Zuckerberg launches Facebook, initially as a Harvard social media site, patterned after Friendster
2004 - Former MTV star Adam Curry launches what is believed to be first podcast, Daily Source Code
2005 - Apple's iTunes 4.9 begins to support podcasting
2005 - YouTube is founded by three employees of PayPal, in November it secures over $11 million in funding
2005 - NewsCorp purchases MySpace for $580 million
2005 - Yahoo Music is rebranded as "Y! Music"
2005 - iTunes becomes top music retailer in the United States
2006 - PC World lists PressPlay as one of the world's worst tech products of all time
2006 - In November, Google acquires YouTube for over $1.6 billion in stock
2006 - ReverbNation launches as a service for indie musicians
2006 - Twitter is launched by employees of podcasting service Odeo
2007 - SoundCloud launches, allowing indie musicians to upload music online
2007 - Apple releases the first iPhone, which is part iPod
2008 - Roxio rebrands its PressPlay music service as Napster 2.0
2008 - In April Facebook surpasses MySpace as the leading social network, on Alexa rankings
2008 - Clear Channel launches as a radio aggregator online service
2008 - Clear Channel launches its free radio streaming service, iHeartRadio
2008 - Derek Silvers sells CDBaby to Disc Makers for over $20 million
2008 - Best Buy purchases Napster for $121 million
2008 - Spotify launches in Sweden as a music stream service in October
2010 - shuts down
2010 - In September Apple introduces iTunes Ping as a social media music sharing services
2010 - Napster co-founder Sean Parker begins investing in and working with Spotify to secure label deals
2010 - Rdio debuts as music streaming service
2011 - Under Best Buy, Napster merges with Rhapsody
2011 - In June, Spotify secures $100 million in funding, raising company value to $1 billion
2011 - Spotify launches its music streaming service in the US
2011 - Google Music Play launches in November
2011 - After major losses, NewsCorp sells MySpace to Scientific Media for $35 million
2012 - Goldman Sachs helps secure $100 million in funding for Spotify, raising its value to $3 billion
2012 - In September, Apple shuts down Ping
2012 - Beats, founded by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, acquires online music service MOG
2012 - In December, Beats hires Trent Reznor as Chief Creative Officer for music service "Daisy"
2013 - AOL suddenly shuts down in April
2013 - Rdio introduces Vdio, a movie and TV streaming service
2013 - Pandora purchases its first terrestrial radio station, KXMZ/Rapid City, SD
2013 - Film Downloaded documents the rise and fall of Napster
2014 - In January "Daisy" project is launched with new name "Beats Music"
2014 - Apple acquires Beats Electronics, which includes Beats Music, for over $3 billion
2015 - After years of decline, overshadowed by Facebook, Friendster suspends its social media service
2015 - By June, Spotify has secured over $500 million in additional funding
2015 - Apple Music streaming service debuts in June
2015 - Rdio declares bankruptcy in November as assets are sold to Pandora for $75 million
2015 - Yahoo! Music redirects traffic to
2016 - Time Inc. announces it has purchased MySpace
2016 - Spotify raises $1 billion in financing through debt
2016 - Rhapsody brand is phased out and becomes Napster
2016 - In June, Spotify has 100 million active users
2017 - In March, Spotify has 50 million paying subscribers

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