Songs About Wisconsin, The Badger State

The state song is "On Wisconsin!" by J.S. Hubbard, Charles D. Rosa and William T. Purdy. Part of Milwaukee's history is being the setting for the TV shows "Happy Days" and "Laverne & Shirley." Natives from Wisconsin include Les Paul and Steve Miller, a student of Les Paul, who was an innovative pioneer in the development of the electric guitar. Violent Femmes came from Milwaukee. Milwaukee's annual Summer Fest features extensive big name and new musical acts, attracting tourists from all over America.

The region was home to many different Native American tribes prior to the arrival of the French explorers in the 17th centry. Tribes included Paleo, Mississippian, Oneota and Menominee. The land was taken by the British following the French-Indian War in 1763. Twenty years later Wisconsin became a U.S. territory after the American Revolutionary War, although Britain still controlled it until the conclusion of the War of 1812. After Native Americans were removed through two wars, Wisconsin became a state in 1848. The Republican Party was founded in the state by anti-slavery advocates six years later. Wisconsin is famous for its agriculture, freezing winters, beer, cheese, motorcycles and sports.

On Wisconsin by University of Wisconsin Marching Band
Wisconsin's Pride by University of Wisconsin Marching Band
Songs To Thee Wisconsin by University of Wisconsin Marching Band
Wisconsin Forward Forever by University of Wisconsin Marching Band
Wisconsin by Colt Ford
Wisconsin Skies by Cedarwell
Christmas in Wisconsin by Mulberry Lane
Wisconsin by Elroy & The Diehards
Wisconsin by Samiam
Wisconsin Beaches by Headlights
Wisconsin Poncho by Gustafer Yellowgold (Children's music)
We're From Wisconsin by David Anthony Berg
Madison, Wisconsin by Lou & Peter Berryman
Wisconsin Death Trip by Static-X
Wisconsin Dutchmen Waltz by Czech and Then Some
Wisconsin '95 by Boys Noize
Wisconsin by Barbara Meyer
Wisconsin by Tina Mitchell Wilkens
Oh, Wisconsin by Locksley

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