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Songs About Vermont, The Green Mountain State

The state song is "These Green Mountains" by Diane Martin. The song "Moonlight In Vermont" recorded by Billy Butterfield was a national hit in 1945 and went on to becone a standard that is often played at weddings in Vermont. It was later a hit for Margaret Whiting, Jo Stafford, Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan and Willie Nelson.

Vermont can be illustrated with mountains covered with snow in the winter. Early Native American inhabitants were the Abernaki and Iroquois tribes before the land was claimed by France and then the British. In 1777 Vermont was established as an independent state, which it remained before becoming the 14th state in 1791. It went on to become the first state to abolish slavery.

Moonlight In Vermont by Captain Beefheart
I'm From Vermont by Jonathan Mann
My Old Home In Vermont (1908) by Linda Radtke
The Green Mountain Farmer: A New Patriotic Song (1798) by Linda Radtke
The Green Mountain Yankee: A Temperance Medley (1852) by Linda Radtke
'Neath the Pines of Vermont (1904) by Linda Radtke
That Little Village Way Up In Vermont (1902) by Linda Radtke
Visit Vermont (1937) by Linda Radtke
Hail, Vermont's Official State Song (1938) by Linda Radtke
Vermont by Dead Winter Carpenters
The Vermont Song by The Breakfast
Just Give Me Moonlight In Vermont by Amy Allison
Vermont by Chris Brenne
The Vermont Waltz by Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen
Tax On Vermont by Old Canes
Vermont by Susan Bisbee

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