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Songs About Utah, The Beehive State

The state song is "Utah ... This Is The Place" by Sam Francis and Gary Francis. A big part of Utah's profile is that Mormon is the state's dominant religion. Brigham Young led Mormon followers to Utah in 1847. The following year Utah became a state following the Mexican-American War in which Utah had been a Mexican territory. Prior to Spain claiming the land in 1540, the land was inhabited by Ute-Aztec Native Americans. Utah became the final link to the completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad in 1869. The Great Salt Lake and ski resorts have made the state a scenic tourist attraction. In 2002 Salt Lake City was the site for the Winter Olympics.

Utah Carol by Marty Robbins
Utah by Utah Phillips
Utah Song by Donna Fargo
Utah Song by Emarosa
Busted in Utah by Hot Buttered Rum
Utah by John Linnell
Unblocking Utah by Michael Giacchino
The New Utah by Rosaline
Utah by The Rusty Strings
Utah Song by John Linnell
Utah by Tres Mts.
Utah by Beale Street Love

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