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Songs About South Dakota, The Mount Rushmore State

The state song is "Hail South Dakota" by DeeCort Hammitt. The Dakota were named after Lakota and Dakota natives of the Sioux tribe. In 2011 the population of the state was under one million. Economically South Dakota is known for ranching, defense and tourist attractions such as Mount Rushmore and the annual Sturgis motorcycle rally. During the 2008-2011 recession the state stood out with low unemployment. The region had been controlled by France until the Louisiana Purchase. A late 19th century gold rush and railroad development in the Black Hills brought more Europeans to the area. Dams on the Missouri River produce hydroelectric power. Other important South Dakota themes include Great Plains, Badlands, rolling hills, grasslands, buttes, coyotes and bald eagles.

I Gotta Gal I Love (in North and South Dakota) by Frank Sinatra
South Dakota Morning by The Bee Gees
Rapid City, South Dakota by Kinky Friedman, also Dwight Yoakam
Deadwood, South Dakota by Nanci Griffith
Hazel, South Dakota by Cherry Poppin' Daddies
South Dakota by Ray Anthony & His Orchestra
South Dakota by Bellwether
South Dakota Chaos by Madison Skylights
South Dakota Nights by Hudson Falcons
Only Black Man in South Dakota by Andre Williams
South Dakota by Small Sur
Floods of South Dakota by Judy Roderick & The Forbears
South Dakota Afternoon by Dakota Blonde
Mission in South Dakota by Cold Water Army
South Dakota Sad Eye by Bulldog
On The South Dakota Wind by Becky Buller
Hills of South Dakota by Becky Schlegel
South Dakota Hairdo by Joe West
You, South Dakota by Bryan Dunn
South Dakota Line by Bailey Cooke
Sioux Falls, South Dakota by Lemming Malloy
I Love South Dakota by Michael Shaw
South Dakota Lady by Buddy Red Bow
When Dakota Goes South by Max & The Marinalized
Epiphany, South Dakota by Joe Lima
South Dakota Dreamer by Farm Accient
South Dakota Indian Summer by Kathy Bundock Moore
South Dakota by Rollerball
South Dakota Gold by Schafer/Spencer
It All Started in South Dakota by Thirty Called Arson
South Dakota Bound by Bob Ryan
South Dakota Beau by Rat Cat Hogan
South Dakota Sunshine and Minnesota Snow by The Holt Twins
North Dakota, South Dakota by Janet & Judy (Children's Music)

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