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Songs About Oregon, The Beaver State

The state song is "Oregon My Oregon" by J.A. Buchanan and Henry B. Murtagh. Oregon is one of five states without a sales tax. The state's heritage traces back to several Native American tribes including Bannock and Klamath. After Spanish explorers visited the region in the late 17th century it was populated by European settlers: English in the west, French in the east. In the 19th century Oregon was known for its fur trading, which attracted travelers from the midwest to explore the Oregon Trail. After Oregon became a state in 1859 the development of railroads the next few decades helped establish the state's lumber industry. Other themes relating to Oregon include Crater Lake, Columbia River, Mt. Hood, praires, waterfalls, forest and the Pacific Ocean.

Oregon Mighty Oregon by The Oregon Marching Band
Oregon Carry Me Back To OSU by The Oregon State University Marching Band
Portland, Oregon by Loretta Lynn
Oregon by Voice Farm
Oregon Trail by Woody Guthrie
Oregon Trail by Joe Purdy
Oregon by John Linnell
Oregon by Audiodub Portland, Oregon by Carrie Brownstein & Fred Armisen
Oregon Boy by Matt Borden
Oregon by Sunfold
Oregon by Gavin Castleton
Oregon by Kinematic
Oregon by Clutch
Oregon by Serka
Oregon by The Last Town Chorus
Oregon by Stephen Bennett
Oregon by Galactic Cowboys
Live Long In Oregon by Laura Gibson

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