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Songs About Nevada, The Silver State

The state song is "Home Means Nevada" by Bertha Raffetto. Nevada is a famous tourist attraction because of its big name shows and legalized gambling. In some areas prostitution is permitted. Although Nevada is the seventh largest state by area, it is sparesly populated desert land driven economically by casinos in Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe and many small towns. Nevada's name comes from the Sierra Nevada mountains named by Spain, who lost control of the land to Mexico in the 19th century before becoming a U.S. territory. It became a northern state during the Civil War. Silver attracted a mining community starting in 1859. Gold mining has also helped the state's economy.

Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley
Stop In Nevada by Billy Joel
Welcome To Nevada by Jerry Reed
Nevada by John Linnell
Nevada by Veloura
Sands of Nevada by Mark Knopfler
Nevada's Grace by Atreyu
Nevada Mood by Lalo Schifrin
Nevada by Riders In The Sky
Leaving Las Vegags by Sheryl Crow
Old Nevada Moon by Patsy Montana
Nevada Desert by Rae Spoon
Nevada by Kid Moxie
Reno Nevada by Fairport Convention
I'm Leaving Nevada by Adrian
Nevada by Duke Ellington
Home Means Nevada by Michael Eardley
Nevada by Harry James
Nevada Fighter by Michael Nesmith
Nightime in Nevada by Adrian

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