Songs About New Hampshire, The Granite State

The state song is "Old New Hampshire" by Dr. John F. Holmes and Maurice Hofmann. New Hampshire is small in area as well as population with about 18 miles of coastline. A lot of the state is forest. The state is most noted for holding the first primaries in Presidential election years. It was a British colony prior to becoming one of the first 13 states. New Hampshire then became the first state to adopt its own constitution. Formerly huge with the logging and paper industries, state themes such as skiing and snowboarding and mountain biking revolve around tourism. Other themes include blizzards, thunderstorms and hurricanes. New Hampshire was settled by English and French explorers before becoming one of the first 13 states.

New Hampshire by Sonic Youth
New Hampshire by Jason Reeves
Town In Old New Hampshire by Metropolis
New Hampshire by John Linnell
Snowbound in New Hampshire by Tony Smith
Leaving New Hampshire by Andy Leftwich
Escape From New Hampshire by BoScoDen
Hotel New Hampshire by One Bar Town
Autumn in New Hampshire by Sean Spicer and Laura-Lee Cascagnette
New Hampshire's Coast by Below The Sea
Cold Night in New Hampshire by Rain Check
Emperor of New Hampshire by James Parkington
New Hampshire Rodeo by Captain Automatic
New Hampshire by Scry Mansion
Farm In New Hampshire by Robert Blake
New Hampshire Neighbors by Tom Rush
New Hanpshire by End of Destiny
My Old New Hampshire by The Glorious Regina Music Box
Spring in New Hampshire by Robert Polanski
New Hampshire Autumn by White Mountain Waltz by Michael Caduto
New Hampshire Crossroads by Ward Dilmore

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