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Songs About Minnesota, The North Star State

The state song is "Hail Minnesota" by an unknown writer. One of the state's nicknames is "Land of 10,000 Lakes." The territory was named by the Sioux tribe for a word that depicted sky-tinted water. The early 1900s song "From the Land of Sky Blue Water" by Charles Wakefield Cadman was used in a television commerical by Hamm's Beer, which at the time was based in St. Paul. The state has a deep Scandinavian as well as German heritage. Themes that express the state's imagery include Eagle Mountain, Lake Superior, the Mississippi River, progressive politics, cold winters and wilderness.

Minnesota Hail Minnesota by The Minnesota Marching Band
Minnesota March by The Minnesota Marching Band
Minnesota Fight by The Minnesota Marching Band
Cold as Minnesota by Math & Physics Club
Minnesota by Austin Kyle
Minnesota 1945 bt Eddue From Ohio
Hello, Minnesota by Tom Segura
Minnesota by Peter Thiel
Miles From Minnesota by The Lower 48
Minnesota by The Mountain Goats
My Minnesota Home by Garrison Keillor
Minnesota by Canoe
Minnesota Polka by Gear Daddies
Bakin' Soda in Minnesota by Andre Nickatina
Minnesota by Colt Ford
Minnesota by Chad Elliott
Minnesota Pride by The White Iron Band
Minnesota by The Color Fred
Minnesota Morning by Jeff Brooks
Minnesota Moon by The Big Wu
Minnesota by Converge
Minnesota by The Winter Sounds
Minnesota by Violet Truth
Minnesota Man by Matt Moberg
Minnesota Strip by The Dictators
Wabash Cannonball by Roy Acuff

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