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Songs About Maine, The Pine Tree State

The state song is "State of Maine Song" by Roger Vinton Snow. Themes that may be associated with songs about Maine include the Canadian border, blueberries, lobsters, clams and rocky shores. America's most eastern state is mostly forest with a sparse population. In the winter temperatures can get as low as -50 degrees. The heritage of the land traces back to the Wabanaki and Adroscoggin tribes before English and French explorers arrived.

Maine by John Linnell
Maine by Tony Malaby & Paul Matian
Maine by The Sister Lovers
Rainbow Maine by Yo Gotti
Coast of Maine by Ivory
Maine by Wayne From Maine
Hike To Maine by Alathea
The Battleship of Maine by The New Lost City Ramblers
Maine by Sea of Trees
Maine Island Lovers by Okkervil River
Maine by Jeff Litman
That Jane From Maine by Doris Day
Maine Mud Season by Paula Poundstone

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