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Songs About Delaware, The First State

The state song is "Our Delaware" by George B. Hynson and M.S. Brown. Delaware got its state nickname from being the first state admitted to the Union on December 7, 1787. Native Americans had been the Lenape and Nanticoke tribes prior to being named "New Sweden" by Dutch settlers in 1638. The English took over later that century and the region was renamed Delaware after Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr. The state is home to several top U.S. corporations in the banking and chemical industries.

Delaware by Perry Como
Delaware Slide by George Thorogood
You're a Square From Delaware by Fats Waller
Washington Crosses the Delaware by Stan Freberg
Hot Time in Delaware by Saves The Day
Delaware by Don Paris
Delaware by Wesley Jensen
I'm From Delaware by Todd Chappelle
Good Time Delaware by Vic Sadot
Delaware Station by Neal Casal
Hello, I'm In Delaware by City and Color
Bridges Over the Delaware by The Successful Failures
Delaware by Soviet League
On The Delaware by Jeff Lantos & Bill Augustine
Delaware by Below the Sea

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