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Songs About Colorado, The Centennial State

The original state song was "Where the Columbines Grow" by A.J. Flynn. In 2007 the honor became shared with the popular 1972 hit "Rocky Mountain High" by John Denver. The song captures the spirit of the mile high atmosphere. Pike's Peak is a mountain view that inspired the song "America The Beautiful" by Katherine Lee Bates. Colorado means "colored red" in Spanish. The territory was named after the Colorado River, named by Spanish explorers by Spanish Explorers. It's called "The Centennial State" because it was admitted to the Union in 1876, the year the nation celebrated its 100th birthday. The state is famous for introducing rodeos.

Rocky Mountain High by John Denver
I Guess He's Rather Be in Colorado by John Denver
Colorado by Stephen Stills
Colorado by Linda Ronstadt
Colorado by Railroad Earth
You Wild Colorado by Johnny Cash
Colorado by Pavement
Colorado Song by The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Wild River (Colorado) by The Samples
Colorado by Chevy Chase
Colorado Girl by Steve Earle
Why Not Colorado by McBride & The Ride
Colorado Bulldog by Mr. Big
Colorado Trail/Roving Gambler by Burl Ives
Colorado Rockies by Ace Diamond
Colorado Line by Bob Lind
Colorado by Merle Haggard
Colorado Christmas by Dan Schafer
Colorado Cocktail by Smoker's Dubstep 100
Colorado Sunset by Unsinkable Molly
Colorado Trails by Ian Tyson
Colorado Blue by Gary McMahan
Colorado Cool-Aid by Johnny Paycheck
Fight CU by The University of Colorado Marching Band
Colorado Songs We've Sung by Stephen Kellogg
Colorado, My Home by Harve Presnell

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