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Songs That Mention or Relate to Hillary Clinton

The Hillary Song by The Rock
Stephen Colbert - Welcome To the DNC: Death, Taxes, Hillary
Hillary Clinton Blues by David Todd Singleton
Crooked Hillary Song by Masked Tweeter
Hillary Clinton Song by Mark Kaye
Who She Think She Foolin' by Leagan E. Kasper
The Hillary Pantsuit Song by Dan Joseph
Lying Crooked Hillary Clinton Song by Steve Spell
Our Fight Song by Democratic National Convention
Short Circuit Hillary Clinton Song by Masked Tweeter
Prof Akoma - Vote For Hillary Clinton Campaign Song
Stand With Hillary by T. Wilson
Hillary For Prison by Mona Fishman
Politics (The Hillary Clinton Song) by Authenic L
We Came We Saw He Died by Mini Planet
First Gentleman - Campaign Song for Bill & Hillary Clinton by FunKreation
The Real Hillary Clinton Fight Song by Courtney Cohen
Straight Outta Options (2016 Election Parody) by Ross Everett
The Hillary Clinton Song by David Dragos
Hillary Clinton: Meme Queen 2016 by Super Deluxe

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