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Songs That Mention or Relate to President Bill Clinton

Imagine by Liel and Bill Clinton

Monica Lewinsky Song by Limp Bizkit
De Bill Clinton Song by Madd
Bill Clinton by Wesley Willis
True Lies by Snoop Dogg
Bill Clinton by Ronnie Leech
Sex Between the Bushes (Bill Clinton's Song) by Yankee Jack
Bill Clinton Bimbo No. 5 by Weird Al Yankovic
I Wanna Get High by Cypress Hill
The Bill Clinton Song by Randy Lubas & The Lubasonics
Bill Clinton's Final Address by The Clintons
Octova Dia by Shakira
Animaniacs by Animaniacs
Laugh Now, Cry Later by Ice Cube
Poker (Bill Clinton Song) by The Dan Orr Project
Super Soaker by Wavves
Clintonese by Henry Rollins
Lay Low by Snoop Dogg
Rap God by Eminem
I Can't Wake Up by KRS-One
Lightyearsaawy by Esham
It Ain't Easy by 2Pac
New World by Nas
The Lost Generation by Shyheim
Smoke Some Weed by Ice Cube
Superstar by Lords of Acid
Jalapenos by Bellamy Brothers
The Jamaican Episode by Snoop Dogg
All Eyez On Me by 2Pac
The Beast by Fugees
Young Americans by The Cure
Words Are Weapons by Eminem
The Mask by Ghostface Killah
Draw by EPMD
Every Girl by Drake
Heights of Great Men by Beenie Man
The Art of Love & War by Angie Stone
How Do You Want It by 2Pac
Hollywood by Shwayze

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