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Songs About Whales and Orcas

Save The Whales by Country Joe & The Fish
The Whale Song by Modest Mouse
Song of The Whales by Neil Diamond
Greenland Whale Fisheries by Peter, Paul and Mary
Song of The Whales by Yacht Rock
Songs of the Humpback Whale by Dr. Roger Payne (whale sounds)
The Whale Song by The Beggars
Hotel Song by Regina Spektor
Whale In The Moon by Marshmellow
Blue Whale, Sperm Whale, Beluga Whale and Orca by JunyTony (for kids)
Great White Shark Vs. Orca by JunyTony (for kids)
Orcas by Aish Divine
Cosmic Whale by Peter Michael Norton
Subat Freestyle by Deja Brew
Black Fish Baby (The Orca 5) by Noa James
Orca Ikkje by Tonje Unstad
Don't Jump The Shark Before You Save The Whale by Broadway
Fooba-Wooba John by Burl Ives
Beached Whale by The Indie Valley
Ocean Oil by Ramon Serrano
Whales and Dolphins of Aotearoa by Claudia Robin Gunn
Orca Waters by Noa James
Whales In The Ocean by Karen The Unicorn
The Whale That Swallowed Jonah by Joe Bonnamassa
Tea Kettle Tea by Ollella
It Ain't Necessarily So by Bing Crosby (written by George Gershwin)
Wheel of Fortune by Hans Zimmer
Who Did Swallow Jonah? by Nashville Kids' Sound
In The Belly of a Whale by Newsboys
Noel Song by Animaniacs
Baby Beluga by The Singing Zoo
Dive Into The Sea by Max Low

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