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Songs About Sharks

Theme From Jaws by John Williams Orchestra
Mack the Knife by Bobby Darin
Fins by Jimmy Buffett
Shark Attack by Wailing Souls
Mr. Jaws by Dickie Goodman
Shark by Throwing Muses
Don't Jump the Shark Before You Save the Whale by Broadway
Fast as a Shark by Accept
Shark by Dwight Twilley Band
Car Wash by Missy Elliott
Nostalgia by Archers of Loaf
Rockwork by Ultravox
A Story by Violent Femmes
The Mud Shark by Frank Zappa
The Only Star in Heaven by Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Sweet Lullaby by Shawn Colvin
Pineapple Head by Crowded House
Glass House by Wiz Khalifa
I Have My Moments by Blues Traveler
Everybody Knows by Finley Quaye
Surrender by Blondie
I'm a Shark by Todd Burge
Baby Shark by Larry Swenson
Dolphins and Sharks by Jesse Cutler
Eaten By Sharks by The Flying Luttenbachers

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