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Songs About Lizards

Celebration of the Lizard by The Doors
Lizard by King Crimson
Lizard by Saigon Kick
Lizard Love by Aerosmith
Lizard Food by Guided By Voices
Chicken Lips and Lizard Hips by Bruce Springsteen
Lizard Life by ZZ Top
The Lizard by Robyn Hitchcock
Lounge Lizard by Sister Soleil
Song of the Black Lizard by Pink Martini
Lizard Brain by Kaihoro
Dead Lizard by Two Tongues
Lizard Skin by Gajira
Lizard Man by Shanklin Freak Show
King Lizard by Celestial Season
The Lizard by Enchant
Lizard-Skin Barbie by Burnt By The Sun
Revenge of the Lizard by Lunic
Lizard In The Lights by A Girl, A Gun, A Ghost
Lizard Dance by Atrox

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