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Songs About History

Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult
All This Time by Sting
History Will Teach Us Nothing by Sting
History by Michael Jackson
History by Jay Z
History in the Making by Darius Rucker
History by Groove Armada

Songs About Historical Events

Battle Hymn of the Republic by Julia War Howe
Battle of New Orleans by Johnny Horton - about the War of 1812
Sink the Bismarck by Johnny Horton
19 by Paul Hardcastle - about effects on soldiers who fought in Vietnam
Enola Gay by OMD - about World War II atomic bomb dropped on Japan
The Night They Drove Ole Dixie Down by The Band, also Joan Baez
History Will Teach Us Nothing by Sting
Sympathy For The Devil by The Rolling Stones
Wonderful World by Sam Cooke mentions "don't know much about history"
Miracle in Philadelphia by Jeff Lantos & Bill Augustine
Christopher Columbus by Kathleen Wiley
Patrick Henry Rap by Jeff Lantos & Bill Augustine
The Journals of Lewis and Clark by Buffalo Bill Boycott
Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult - fictional song that mentions "history shows again and again .. "
On The Delaware by Jeff Lantos & Bill Augustine
Gonna Write That Constitution by Jeff Lantos & Bill Augustine
Rhode Island Song by Jeff Lantos & Bill Augustine
I Like Virginia by Jeff Lantos & Bill Augustine
The Industrial Revolution by The Luddities
1776: The Lees of Old Virginia by Robert Holgate
Virginia by Tori Amos
Before the Whiteman Came by Buffalo Bill Boycott
Theodore by Linda Radtke
Keep Cool and Keep Coolidge by Linda Radtke
1963 by New Order
Louisiana 1927 by Randy Newman
Over There by George M. Cohan
Elizabeth My Dear by Stone Roses
Eisenhower Blues by J.D. Lenoir
Germany by Sloppy Seconds
Post World War II Blues by Al Stewart
The Band Played Waltzing Matilda by Eric Bogle - About World War I
Ghost Riders In The Sky by Vaughn Monroe
The Spirit of St. Louis by British Sea Power
Victoria by The Kinks
By The Time I Get To Arizona by Public Enemy
ME-262 by Blue Oyster Cult - about World War II
April 29, 1992 by Sublime
Right Here, Right Now by Jesus Jones
Ohio by Crosby, Stills & Nash
We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel
Lincoln and Liberty by Jesse Hutchinson
Run To The Hills by Iron Maiden
Welcome Back, Victoria by Jesus Jones
WPA Blues by Big Bill Broonzy
Exhuming McCarthy by R.E.M.
I Shall Be Free by Bob Dylan
Kingfish by Randy Newman
Henry Kissinger by Monty Python

Songs About 911

Song For the Lonely by Cher
On That Day by Leonard Cohen
I Was There by Beyonce
Grand Central Station by Mary Chapin Carpenter
Undivided by Bon Jovi
Out of Our Heads by Sheryl Crow
New New York by The Cranberries
Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z & Alicia Keys
Hole In The World by The Eagles
Tuesday Morning by Melissa Etheridge
Self Evident by Ani DiFranco
The New York Times by Everclear
What More Can I Give by Michael Jackson
An Open Letter to NYC by Beastie Boys
World On Fire by Sarah McLachlan
God Bless This Mess by Sheryl Crow
Into the Fire by Bruce Springsteen
My Blue Manhattan by Ryan Adams
Illume (9-11) by Fleetwood Mac
Hole In The Sky by Juliana Hatfield
My Last Breath by Evanescence
The Rising by Bruce Springsteen
Prayer by Disturbed
I Can't See New York by Tori Amos
Patiently Waiting by 50 Cent
Freedom by Paul McCartney
You're Missing by Bruce Springsteen
Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) by Alan Jackson
Tuesday by Five For Fighting
Flying by Living Colour
Lieslieslies by Ministry
When New York Had Her Heart Broke by John Hiatt
911 by Gorillaz featuring D12 & Terry Hall
Sacrificed Sons by Dream Theater
Night Visions by Imagine Dragons
I Don't Know Why by Amy Grant
Watch the World by Box Car Racer
Elevator by Box Car Racer

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