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Songs About the 2016 Presidential Election

Election 2016 Theme by NBC Today (instrumental)
Too Broke To Vote by Nick Cannon
Straight Outta Options (2016 Election Parody) by Rose Everett
Trump vs. Hillary Rap Battle by Taryn Southern
Hillary vs. Trump 2016 Presidential Debate Song by L Hugueny
Bernie Sanders Song by Rachel Chevat
Ultimate Bernie Sanders Remix by Jonathan Mann
The Hillary Song by The Rock
Deez Nuts vs. Donald Trump 2016 by Envane
Feel the Bern by Tony Tig
Can't Touch Me The Hillary Song by Chuck Redden
Liar Liar Pants On Fire Hillary Song by Devon Whisper
Trump (Stitches Parody) by Rucka Rucka Ali
The Hillary Pantsuit Song by Dan Joseph
Feel the Bern - An Anthem for Bernie Sanders by Alex Vans
The Hillary Shimmary Song by Jonathan Mann
Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Song by Funnin Gunnin
Do You Wanna Build a Wall? (Frozen Parody) by Donald Trump
Donald Trump Sniff Song by Jonathan Mann
Donald Trump Song from Killarney Ireland by Eric Gudmunsen
I Still Believe by Delfina
Hillary Clinton Funny Campaign Song by Channel Berita
Bernie vs. Hillary 2016 (Ultimate Remix) by Envane
Donald Trump's Bing Bong Song by Zanbar
Trump vs. Hillary: Debate Battle Rap by Cassetteboy
Hillary Clinton 2016 election parody song: emails, Benghazi and Bill by Taiwanese Animators
Hey Bernie Sanders by Happytown
The Bernie Sanders Song by Topher Buckland
The Wall (Donald Trump's Theme Song) by El Gringo
Come On Feel the Bern by Vincent Vega
Donald Trump Singing the Pokemon Theme Song by Sohma
Hillary Clinton Song by Mark Kaye
Short Circuit Hillary Clinton Song by MaskedTweeter
Hillary Clinton Corrido by Vicente Fernandez
Bernie Sanders 2016 by Julia Kate Davis
Bernie Sanders - Feel the Bern by FDAmusic
HIllary Clinton Blues by David Todd Singleton
HIllary Is So Vain (Parody) by Mike Church
Straight To Washington by Colin Martin
2016 Election Song Parody by Danny Winslow
Ballad of the Missing Ballots by Alex Cosper

Songs About Elections in General

Election Day by Arcadia
Desire by U2
Electioneering by Radiohead
Read My Lips by A Thousand Points of Night
Elected by Alice Cooper
I Could Never Be President by Johnnie Taylor
Super Tuesday by The Shazam
Dogs of Democracy by Devo
Vote For Me Dummy by Guided By Voices
Ballots Not Bullets by 24-7 Spyz
Gone Till November by Wyclef Jean
Vote by Little Steven
Think About It by Snoop Dogg
High Hopes (1960 JFK Campaign Version) by Frank Sinatra
Voting Rights by Shoeless Jeff & Scott Free
Uneducated Democracy by Serj Tankian
Political Parties by Shoeless Jeff & Scott Free
Election Song by Kunchalikutty
Counting Stars by OneRepublic
Gasoline Dreams by Outkast

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