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Songs Relating to the Dictionary

Words by Missing Persons
De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da by The Police
The Dictionary Song by Don Robertson
Flocabulary - Transformations
Flocabulary - Comma Camp
XTC - A Dictionary of Modern Marriage
Split Enz - Dictionary of Love
Orphelia - Once I Read a Dictionary
XTC - Your Dictionary
Word Crimes by Weird Al Yankovic
GrammarSongs by Melissa
Flocabulary - Capitalize
Schoolhouse Rock - Unpack Your Adjectives
The Electric Companyt - N apostrophe T
Songs For School - Onomatopoeia
Grammarheads - Adverb Song
ESL Classics - Daily Activities
Flocabulary - Cooking with Nouns
Dave Little - Dictionary Song
TV Yellow - The Dictionary Song
Blaire Baron - Strange and Unusual Dictionaries
Infinium - Look Through a Dictionary
Faster Pussycat - Big Dictionary
Crime In Choir - Pictures in the Dictionary
DJ Roll Call - Pick Up a Dictionary

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