Songs About or Related to 9/11:
September 11, 2001 Twin Towers Tragedy

Only Time by Enya
World On Fire by Sarah McLachlan
Hole in the World by The Eagles
Song For the Lonely by Cher
The Rising by Bruce Springsteen
An Open Letter to NYC by Beastie Boys
911 by Gorillaz
Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z
Empty Sky by Bruce Springsteen
I Can't See New York by Tori Amos
City of Blinding Lights by U2
Leaving New York by R.E.M.
Illume (9-11) by Fleetwood Mac
Out of Our Heads by Sheryl Crow
I Was Here by Beyonce
Lieslieslies by Ministry
Self Evident by Ani DiFranco
Prayer by Disturbed
Peaceable Kingdom by Rush
Between Here and Gone by Mary Chapin Carpenter
Sacrificed Sons by Dream Theater
My Blue Manhattan by Ryan Adams
Have You Forgotten by David Worley
The New York Times by Everclear
Freedom by Paul McCartney
Anniversary by Suzanne Vega
Believe by Yellowcard
Manhattan by Cat Power
What More Can I Give by Michael Jackson
Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) by Alan Jackson
New New York by The Cranberries
When the Eagle Cries by Iced Earth
Tuesday Morning by Melissa Etheridge
Sirens by Cher
The Only One by Evanescence
Believe by Yellowcard
Into The Fire by Bruce Springsteen
One Last Time by Dusty Drake
Sky Is Falling by Lifehouse
Tell Me Why by Will Smith featuring Mary J. Blige
Let's Roll by Neil Young
Skylines and Turnstiles by My Chemical Romance
Insecurity Alert by No Use For a Name
Truth by SR-71
Messages by Velvet Revolver
Elevator by Boxcar Racer
If This Is Goodbye by Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris
Hole In The Sky by Juliana Hatfield
My Dad's Gone Crazy by Eminem
Lonesome Day by Bruce Springsteen
Rules by Wu-Tang Clan
Flying by Living Colour
Heaven Nine Eleven by Tesla
Take Me Away by Lifehouse
Makeshift Patriot by Sage Francis
Broken Lungs by Thrice
We Ain't Scared of You by Bo Diddley
Didn't They? by Taylor Swift
Words, Hands, Hearts by Yellowcard
Welcome To Hell by Trace Adkins
Patiently Waiting by 50 Cent
Far Away by Sleater-Kinney
On That Day by Leonard Cohen
I Heard an Owl by Carrie Newcomer
Seven by And One
It's Not Me, It's You by Lily Allen
911 For Peace by Anti-Flag
Watch The World by Box Car Racer
Covered In Rain by John Mayer
When New York Had Her Heart Broke by John Hiatt
By the Sword by Emilie Autumn
My List by Toby Keith
Ground Zero by Jack Hardy
Exhibit 13 by Blue Man Group
Ghosts of Planes by Peter Hammill
The Last Fallen Hero by Charlie Daniels Band
Hey Ma by James
Prayer by Disturbed
Love Is Hell by Ryan Adams
You're Missing by Bruce Springsteen
America by Imagine Dragons
Hunting For Witches by Bloc Party
I Don't Know Why by Amy Grant
Dream With Me by Automatic Loveletter
Bin Laden by Immortal Technique
Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue by Toby Keith
Harbour by Moby
My Last Breath by Evanescence
The 12th Day by Autopilot Off

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