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Songs About Skates, Skating and Roller/Ice Rinks

Skate Sharpener by Saint Small
Brand New Key by Melanie
Good Times by Chic
Skateaway by Dire Straits
A Lover's Holiday by Change
Roller Skating Child by The Beach Boys
Skating Away (On The Thin Ice of the New Day) by Jethro Tull
Old Siam, Sir by Wings
Roller Skating by INXS
Just Skating by Ice T
Roller Rink by Kelis
Skating by Vince Guaraldi Trio (instrumental)
The Skater's Waltz by The Pete King Orchestra & Chorus
The Lonely End of the Rink by The Tragically Hip
Ice Skating At Night by The Ocean Blue
Skating Rink by David Francey
Angel's Rink and Social Centre by Liza Minnelli
Skating by Starlite Orchestra (instrumental from "A Charlie Brown Christmas")
I Wanna Go Skating With Willie by Patti Page
Skating On The Pond by John Powell
Roller Skating Rink by Sound Effects
A Roller Skating Jam by Deja Vu
Ice Skater's Waltz by David Turner
Father Figure Skating by Odd Thomas
Skating by Jennifer Terran
Ice Skater by Magik Markers
Skating In Central Park by The Modern Jazz Quartet
Skating In The Moonshine by Sally Shapiro
Ice Skating Girl by Rekindle
Skating Rink by David Francey
The Ice Skater by Christopher Boscole
Skating On The Pond by John Powell
Roller Skating by The Broadcast Debut
Skating Date by Rolfe Kent
The Ice Skater by John Keech
Skating by Norma Brown
Ice Skater by Worms
Skating by George Winston
The Rink by Men
Skating by The O'Neill Brothers

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