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Songs About Park Rangers, Mountains and the Foresting Industry

Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver
Rocky Mountain High by John Denver
Mountain Music by Alabama
A Forest by The Cure
Blue Ridge Mountain Blues by John Fogerty
Wolverton Mountain by Claude King
Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain) by INXS
Trees by Rush
Forest Fire by Dead Kennedys
Sweet Lullaby by Deep Forest
National Park Service Rangers Song by Charlie Maguire
Forest Ranger's Song by Sam's Forest Rangers
Forest by System of a Down
Tell Me About the Forest by Dead Can Dance
The Lucky Ranger by R.S. Lovejoy
Forest by System of a Down
Smokey the Bear by Eddy Arnold
Forest Fire by Lloyd Cole & The Commotions
Forest Ranger by Pantokraator
A Walk in the Black Forest by Horst Janikowski
I'm Gonna Be a Park Ranger by G. Cooke
Park Ranger by Raldo Schneider
Mountain Ranger by Shannon Quinn
Forest by Zoe Keating
3D Nightime Forest Environment by Darwin Chamber
Over The Mountain by Brad Gillis
Forest by Bran Van 3000
Forest Hymn by Deep Forest
Forbidden Forest by George Winston
The Mountain Ranger by James Galway
Vampire Forest Fire by Arcade Fire
Smokey the Bear vs Healthcare Exchange by Go, Robot! Go!
Spirit of the Forest by Baka Beyond
The Wooded Forest by Savoir Adore
Forest Fire by Nature Sounds (sound effects)
Smokey the Bear by Canned Heat
Mountain Ranger by Rabbit Island
Flowers of the Forest by Doug Berch
The Echo Mountain Song by Buddy Williams
Mountan Music by The Rangers
Movin' To The Mountains by Arkamo Rangers
Forest Fire by Josh Wilson
Park Ranger by The Icehorse
Park Ranger by Pocket Shelley

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