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Inventors, Creators and Developers

Weird Science by Oingo Boingo
Electricity by OMD
Apple and Google and Gold by Dan Burnham
Einstein On The Beach by Counting Crows
Tesla Girls by OMD
Radio Waves by OMD
She Blinded Me with Science by Thomas Dolby
Build Me a Woman by The Doors
Alexander Graham Bell by Richard Thompson
Edison by The Bee Gees
It's a Man's Man's Man's World by James Brown
Genetic Engineering by OMD
Invention in C Minor by Billy Joel
Steve Jobs by Flair
The Romance of the Telescope by OMD
Necessity Is the Mother of Invention by Jack Johnson
Man On The Moon by R.E.M.
New Creation by Dry & Heavy
Invention by Brandon & Savannah
Science Is Never Wrong by OMD
Inventors by Last Day on Earth
Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates by Epic Rap Battles of History
Invention by Petro the Lion
Tesla's Hotel Room by Handsome Family
Inventors by Foam Castles
The Scientist Writes a Letter by Tom Verlaine
Edison's Medicine by Tesla
Invention by Stephane J. Block
Innovators by X Twins
Developing Machinery by Invention
Invention by Dax Johnson
Mechaniques by Invention
The Inventor's Daughter by Branches
Tinker and the Toymaker by Sam Uzi
Inventor by Richard Burner
Invention by Michael Buchanan
City Lights by Modern Inventors
Inventor's Bounce by Kid Matt
Trains & Aeroplanes by Modern Inventors
Mary The Inventor by Ash Koley
Finding the Inventor by Elia Cmiral
Rearrange the Art by Sarah Jarosz
Tim, the Inventor by Conrad Pope
Steve Jobs by Steve Aoki
Innovators by Phunk Junkees
The Inventors, The Investors by Amestory
Inventors by Kramies
Inventor Dos Amores by Gusttavo Lima

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