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Songs About Energy and Natural Resources

Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles
Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys
Electric Car by They Might Be Giant
What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy) by Information Society
King of the Mountain by Midnight Oil
Electricity by OMD
Born In The USA by Bruce Springstreen
Free Energy Will Free Humanity by Anonymous
Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant
Soak Up The Sun by Sheryl Crow
No Gas by Joseph Lee Hooker
Gasoline by Audioslace
Ignoreland by R.E.M.
Why Does The Sun Shine by They Might Be Giants
Energy & Motion Songs by Tom Glazer & Dottie Evans
Kinetic and Potential Energy by S. Peres da Silva
The Enron Song by Bruce Yarock
Gasoline by Seether
Warmth of the Sun by The Beach Boys
Everything's Coming Up Roses (On an Oil Rig) by Shirley Bassey
Renewed Energy Song by ParrMr
You Have the Power by Planet Bonehead
Together in Electric Dreams by Phil Oakley
Are Friends Electric? by Gary Numan
Energy, Let's Save It by European Commission
The Heat Energy Song by Science4Us
Solar Energy Song Chants Songs and Poem by SunGypsy
The Wind Energy Song by Monty Harper
Free Energy by Bang Pop
Electricity by Tom Fair & Trudee Lunen (aka Electric Car Muses)
Solar Power Song by Falcon Ridge
Ecology Song by Stephen Stills
High Gas Song by Sandra Lewis
Gasonlina by Daddy Yankee
Death of Mother Nature Suite by Kansas
Sustainability Song by The EE Project
Energy Crisis '74 by Dickie Goodman
The Firefighter Song by Pete Smith

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