Songs for President's Day

"Hail To The Chief" is the most notable Presidential song. It is often heard before the President speaks. There are several notable novelty songs about the Presidents. Jonathan Coulton has a song that chonicles Presidential history. Abraham Lincoln is associated with "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and other Civil War songs.

"Harry Truman" by Chicago was one of the few songs in pop history to delve into presidential history. "He Was a Friend of Mine" by The Byrds is a tribute to John F. Kennedy. Linocln and Kennedy along with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. were remembered in the song "Abraham, Martin and John" by Dion.

President Nixon was opposed in many songs such as "Ohio" by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and "You Haven't Done Nothin'" by Stevie Wonder. A novelty record that documented Nixon's downfall was "Watergate '74" by Dickie Goodman. Another Chief Executive that wound up on a musical recording was George Herbert Walker Bush in the song "Read My Lips" by A Thousand Points of Night.

Abraham, Martin and John by Dion
Harry Truman by Chicago
Presidents by Animaniacs
N.W.O. by Ministry
99 Red Balloons by Nena
Yes We Can by
Ballad of Teddy Roosevelt by The Black Irish Band
Presidents by Shoeless Jeff and Scott Free
President Gas by Psychedelic Furs
Solid (As Barack) by Ashford & Simpson
Dear Mr. President by Pink
Funky President by James Brown
My Country Tis of Thee by Aretha Franklin (at Obama Inauguration)
Those Were The Days (All in the Family There) by Carroll O'Connor & Jean Stapleton - mentions Hoover
It's a Mistake by Men At Work - is a message to President Reagan
He Was a Friend of Mine by The Byrds is a JFK tribute
James K. Polk by They Might Be Giants
Dear Mrs. Roosevelt by Bob Dylan & The Band
George Washington by Andrew C. Germain
Reagan At Bitburg by Frank Zappa
Lincoln, Washington and That Jefferson Guy by They Might Be Giants
Postcards From Richard Nixon by Elton John
Abraham Lincoln by Kathleen Wiley
Tell Me Why You Like Roosevelt by Otis Jackson
My Funny Valentine by Bill Clinton
Read My Lips by A Thousand Points of Night
The Love of Richard Nixon by Manic Street Preachers
President Roosevelt by Big Joe Williams
Air Force One by Godley & Creme
The President by Robyn Hitchcock
Open Letter To Obama by Jin
Dead Presidents by Willie Dixon
The Love of Richard Nixon by Manic Street Preachers
My President by Young Jeezy featuring Nas
Franklin D. Roosevelt's Back Again by Norman & Nancy Blake
Black President by Nas
Reaganation by Bongwater
Thomas Jefferson by Sharon Luanne Rivera
Black President by Nas
W by The Damned
On The Border by The Eagles (about President Nixon)
William Howard Taft by The Two Man Gentlemen Band
Lyndon Johnson Told The Nation by Tom Paxton
When The President Talks To God by Bright Eyes
President Reagan's Birthday Present by The Jazz Butcher
We'd Like To Thank You, Herbert Hoover by The Blind Robins
President's Song by Animaniacs
Vision Thing by Sisters of Mercy
That Was The President by Phil Ochs
You're The Man by Marvin Gaye
Tomorrow Wendy by Concrete Blonde
If Reagan Played Disco by The Minutemen
11 mph by Was (Not Was) - about JFK assassinaion
Obama by Extra Golden
Sweethearts by Camper Van Beethoven
The Ballad of Czolgosz by Stephen Sondheim
Dead Presidents Theme by Danny Elfman
Tribute to President Gerald R. Ford (God Bless America) by Jessica Adams
Louisiana 1927 by Randy Newman - about President Coolidge
Eisenhouwer Blues by J.D. Lenoir
Tricky Dick by Country Joe MacDonald
Warren Harding by Al Stewart
Jubilee Train by The Blasters - about President Hoover
Bullet by Misfits - about JFK assassination
Catholic Day by Adam & The Ants - about JFK
Postcards From Richard Nixon by Elton John
Jacksonville by Sufjan Stevens
Talkin' World War III Blues by Bob Dylan
White House Blues by Bill Monroe

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