Songs for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is associated with flowers. It's a day to reflect on the care and love mothers give their children.

Your Mother Should Know by The Beatles
Mother Nature's Son by The Beatles
Your Mother Should Know by The Beatles
Mother and Child Reunion by Paul Simon
Mother's Talk by Tears For Fears
Mother by Danzig
Mother by Pink Floyd
Mother by The Police
Mother by Christina Aguilera
Mother by Ashanti
Mother by Tori Amos
Mother by Barbra Streisand
Mother by John Lennon
Mother Mother by Tracy Bonham
Oh Mother by Christina Aguilera
Mother's Day by M.D. West
Send a Picture of Mother by Johnny Cash
A Mother's Love by B.B. King
Letter To My Mother by Edwin McCain
Treat Me Like Your Mother by The Dead Weather
That Was Your Mother by Paul Simon
Your Mother Loves You by James Newton Howard
Tell Your Mother Hello by The Lost Secrets
Mother's Day Love by Visions of the West
Mother May I by Psychedelic Swirl
Ballad of the Soccer Mom by Another Blown Bubble
Homeless Mothers by Centuries of Darkness
A Tribute to the Mothers of the World by Proud Mary's Next Generation
Every Mother's Son by Heaven's Treehouse
The Mother In You by Nu Planet Satellites
Talk To Mother by Green Revision

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