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Songs for Labor Day

Songs about work or leisure are appropriate tie-ins to Labor Day. "Working For a Living" by Huey Lewis and the News and "Money For Nothing" by Dire Straits are fun songs about work. Labor Day also centers around the back to school period for kids. It's an unofficial but obvious time marker that signals the end of summer vacation. It's still a period of optimism since a new school year means meeting new friends and buying new clothes.

Labor Day (It's a Holiday) by The Black Eyed Peas
Fruits of My Labor by Lucinda Williams
Re-education (Through Labor) by Rise Against
Labor of Love by Randy Travis
Labor Day by The Dead Milkmen
Forced Labor by The Circle Jerks
Farmer-Labor Train by Woody Guthrie
Rainy Labor Day by Jared Campbell
Labor Day Blues by North La Brea All Star Conquistadors
Why We Celebrate Labor Day by The Lost Secrets
The First Labor Day by Visions of the West
Working Class Turnaround by Psychedelic Swirl
Labor Union Life by Another Blown Bubble
Labor Day Rendezvous by Centuries of Darkness
Labor Day Bash by Proud Mary's Next Generation
Working for a Dream by Heaven's Treehouse
The Labor Day Weekend Getaway by Nu Planet Satellites
See You By the Pool on Labor Day by Green Revision
The Best Labor Day Ever by Tangent Sunset

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