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Songs for Easter Sunday

Since Easter is a Christian holiday, Christian music is one place to start for creating an Easter playlist. If the mood is more upbeat and meant for kids, the themes lean toward the Easter Bunny and Easteregg hunts. A fun bunny song that kids love is "The Bunny Hop" by Ray Anthony because it gets kids hopping. Searching children's music is the best place to look for other songs about bunnies, rabbits and eggs. Famous animated rabbits include Bugs Bunny and Roger Rabbit.

Easter by Patti Smith Group
Peter Cottontail by Sammy Kaye and the Kaydets
Easter Parade by Irving Berlin
The Resurrection by Richard Smallwood Singers
It Wasn't Easy by CeCe Winans
Power in the Blood by Sandra Crouch and Friends
Snuggle Bunny by Chris Goslow
Easter Egg Hunt by Visions of the West
Multicolor Easter Eggs by Psychedelic Swirl
Easter's Theme by Another Blown Bubble
Another Day on the Calendar by Centuries of Darkness
Takes of the Sun by Tangent Sunset
The Day Jesus Died by Heaven's Treehouse
Let's Get Together for Easter by Nu Planet Satellites
Easter Sunday by Green Revision

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