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Songs for Columbus Day

Columbus Day is not typically a day people throw parties but it is a holiday for many people. The theme surrounding Columbus is exploration. His voyages from Spain to the last that would be called "The New World" changed a lot of thinking around the world, which turned out to be round, not flat. Songs about sailing and venturing into the unknown fit the theme of Columbus Day.

Songs About Christopher Columbus or Columbus Day

World Before Columbus by Suzanne Vega
Columbus Day Blues by Jonathan Stevens
It's a Round Round World by Stan Freberg
Christopher Columbus by Flip Wilson (spoken word comedy)
Christopher Columbus by Duke Ellington
Sent on a Mission by The Lost Secrets
Moving West by Visions of the West
How America Was Born by Psychedelic Swirl
Heritage by Another Blown Bubble
When They Thought the Earth was Flat by Centuries of Darkness
Proud Mary's Next Generation
Blame It All On Columbus by Heaven's Treehouse
Flat World Thinkers by Nu Planet Satellites
Yes, The Earth is Round by Green Revision
Journey to the New World by Tangent Sunset

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