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Sacramento Radio Personalities and History
Sacramento Radio Dial
by Alex Cosper

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American Radio History:The First Hundred Years

Brad Adams, Dave Allan, Mark S. Allen, Kevin "Boom Boom" Anderson, Martin Ashley (aka Wonder Rabbit), Burt Baumgartner, Karen Beck (Hadlock), Ken Beck, Dr. Tom Becker, Tim Bedore, Donovan Blue, Kylee Brooks, Phil Brooks, Kelly Brothers, Toby Browning, Tom Buck, Amador Bustos, Gerry Cagle, Tom Cale, Carlos Campos, Rick Carroll, Dwight Case, Justin Case, Bob Castle, Tom Chase, Kevin Childs, Jok Church, B. Winchell Clay, Lynda Clayton, Chris Collins, Commander Bill, Tony Cox, Christine Craft, Steve Dahl, Bryan Davis, Dave Diamond, Morton Downey Jr, Jammin' John Edwards, Melanie Evans, Carmy Ferreri, Chuck Fields, Ed Fitzgerald, Bob Fuller, Barry K. Fyffe, Fred Gaines, Bob Galli (aka The Godfather), Pat Garrett, Rick Gillette, Ken Gimblin, Phil Glatz, Whitey Gleason, Jim Hadlock, Big Jim Hall, Giles Hendriksen, Jeff Hughson, Ken Hunt, Johnny Hyde, Don Imus, Laura Ingle, Richard Irwin, Bill Jeffreys, Curtiss Johnson, Kim Kaplan, Lisa Kay, Bob Keller, Roy Kinji, Morris Knight, Chris Lane, Gene Lane, Greg Lane, Rush Limbaugh, Vicki Liviakis, Monica Lowe, Sean Lynch, Jeff March, Mick Martin, Pat Martin, Russ Martin, Jim Matthews, Crystal McKenzie, Dorian McKenzie, Judy McNutt, Masters & Johnson, Cristina Mendonsa, Paul Merriam, Joe Miano, Dianne Michaels, Gina Miles, Chris Miller, Gene Mitchell (aka Gino Mitchellini), Joey Mitchell, Scott Mitchell, Nick Monroe, Dusty Morgan, Larry Morgan, Robert W. Morgan, Shelley Morgan, Mr. Ed, Tom Nakashima, Dennis Newhall, Terry Nelson, Cary Nosler, Kitty O'Neal, Gary Owens, Panama Jack, Marshall Phillips, Tony Pigg, Mary Jane Popp, Bill Prescott, Bill Rase, Mike Reynolds, Rise Guys, Rob, Arnie & Dawn, Pamela Roberts, Robbins & Cowan, Chuck Roy, Jon Russell, Julie Ryan, Sue Ryan, Ann B. Schmidt, Shawn & Jeff, Michael Sheehy, Bob Sherwood, Pamela Roberts, Dave Skyler, Jennifer Cooper Steele, Dean Stevens, Rick Stewart, Pat Still, Ally Storm, Tom Sullivan, Charlie Thomas, Les Thompson, Rob Tonkin, Les Tracy, Dick Wagner, Jay Walker, Sander Walker, Viola Weinberg, Charlie Weiss, Jim West, Brian White, David Whittaker, Dave Williams, Mark Williams, Robert Williams, Don Wright, John Young

A Mirror of America
It all started with KFBK in 1922 then KROY in 1937
Then came KCRA and KXOA in 1945
Roy Sells KROY
In the fifties, television cast radio into a new role
KGMS rocks in the fifties
Bill Rase swings at KCRA
FMs begin to appear in the 40s/50s/60s
Battle for the hits (KROY vs KXOA in the sixties)
Mike Larsen talks about KROY in the early sixties
Musical chairs between KROY and KXOA
Johnny Hyde remembers KROY and KXOA during the British Invasion
KJAY goes Motown
KPOP pops up as MOR then goes soul
Memories of the most unusual KHIQ
KROY spends six years at the top
Inside the KROY Machine
FM begins to attract listeners in the sixties
KZAP plays freeform for a decade
Drake-Chenault moves in
Remember KANDIE? The KANDIE Man Can
A town full of rockers: KZAP, Earth Radio, K108, KNDE, KXOA, KERS, KDVS
Sacramento Radio Dial August 1974
The seventies mark the end of the AM top 40 giants
Tony Cox tells how FM took over
The commercialization of FM
The Crossroads of Jazz
KZAP Rides to the Top
The last AMs standing are KFBK, KCRA and KRAK
Whatever happened to KANDIE and KROY?
KROY Veterans Advance Nationally
KHYL relives the fifties and sixties
K108 grabs the baby boomers
FM102 and KWOD play the hits in the eighties
Morning Zoo's Chris Collins and Mike Reynolds lead the market
KPOP plays with new wave "rock of the eighties"
Skyler's morning stunt turns KPOP into 93 Rock
FM102 becomes the Valley's hit leader
A national concept from Roseville
The return of KROY
FM 102 drifts and then returns
Elevator music dies at the top
The age of rock: KZAP Vs. KRXQ in the 80s/90s
KWOD plays with modern rock in the early nineties
The Eagle takes off
What's the Point?
The overlapping rock sounds of KWOD, 93 Rock and The Zone
The end of K108 and the beginning of The End
KFBK rides at the top through the nineties
The rise of big corporate radio
Frequent ownership change in the nineties
New stations in the 90s/00s
KFBK's rise began with controversial talkers
Kevin "Boom Boom" Anderson
Chris Collins & The Morning Zoo
Masters & Johnson and the aftermath
Robbins & Cowan
Shawn & Jeff jump from KWOD to the Zone
The Long-Running Story of Joey Mitchell
How Howard came to town
Air America flip flops
Amador Bustos demonstrates how to create a radio empire
Ownership battle for KWOD
Tragedy at The End becomes industry wake-up call to rethink crazy radio contests
Rebirth of the Morning Zoo
Pat Martin and Radio Longevity
The New Era: Radio must face a barrage of challenges from new media
Where have all the call letters gone?
Sacramento Radio Dial

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