Sacramento Radio History

by Alex Cosper

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The age of rock: KZAP vs. KRXQ in the 80s/90s/00s

93 Rock finally caught up with KZAP in the ratings by 1988. For the next few years it was a see-saw battle as 93 Rock, under the direction of PD Judy McNutt and MD Pamela Roberts, catered to a younger rock audience while KZAP moved toward adults who had grown up with the station. But it became obvious by January 1992 that KRXQ had won the war when KZAP flipped to country and became KNCI-FM (only to change in a swap to KRAK-FM two years later). The air line-up would remain solid for years at KRXQ featuring Pat Martin in middays, Charlie Thomas in afternoons and Pamela Roberts in evenings. KZAP had consistency with Bob Keller in middays and the Godfather Bob Gallie in afternoons. Other KZAP personalities of the era included Bill Prescott in mornings, who was succeeded by Pat Still. Bob Keller eventually ended up on The Eagle, the Godfather went to Cool 101 and Pat Still went to KWOD and then KNCI. In the early to mid-nineties Laura Ingle was a popular evening voice on KRXQ. Being the host of the local music show, she was also well-known by local bands.

After the departure of the Rise Guys in 1999 from KRXQ, the new morning team became Rob Williams, Arnie States and Dawn Rossi. Known as Rob, Arnie & Dawn, the show has been syndicated in some other markets including Seattle, WA. Night jock and local music scene leader Laura Ingle was replaced by Kylee Brooks in 1995. She held the position through the late nineties and then went to work at rocker KISW in Seattle until October 2003.

One of the mainstays of KRXQ over the years has been
Pat Martin, who worked at the legendary KMET freeform rock station in Los Angeles. He also worked at legendary rocker KGB in San Diego. After he was let loose KRXQ's consultant suggested to GM Michael John that Pat coume up for a couple of weeks to help out with the station's imaging. Pat did a fill-in shift for fun and the GM liked it, telling Pat "we're really going to make some noise in this market and you're the missing piece." Pat Martin took the midday airshift on August 8, 1988 and has been doing it ever since.

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