Sacramento Radio History
The Return of KROY (1980s)

by Alex Cosper

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The Return of KROY

After over a year of failure, KSAC-FM became KROY-FM again in the spring of 1986, returning to top 40, now calling themselves "Hot 97." Under PD Bob West the station began taking on the same type of churban sound that had put FM 102 on top.

KWOD continued to take on the more white suburban pop/rock sound under Program Director Tom Chase, who tended to let Music Director "Mr. Ed" Lambert guide the sound of the music. Mr. Ed went on to program stations around the country, including the number one Dallas station in the nineties, KHKS (Kiss FM). He returned to his hometown of Sacramento to program KZZO (100.5 The Zone) in 2002 before moving on in 2004.

The new KROY, unlike their two competitors, became very aggressive with new music and jumped on rap records early such as "Walk This Way" by Run-DMC, the first rap-rock record to score high on the charts. KROY quickly leaped from the absolute bottom of the Sacramento ratings to a tight race between FM 102 and KWOD. West lasted until a market shake-up in November 1987 as Tom Chase went from programming KWOD to KROY.

Mr. Ed followed Chase to KROY in early 1988 as MD. Greg Lane had already moved from KWOD to KROY prior to Chase's arrival as Promotion Director. Lane ultimately went on to do mornings at a country station in Fresno. Jeff Hunter had left KWOD for a few years to program KDON in Monterey and was now back as KWOD's PD. For the next six months KWOD was hot in the ratings, even beating FM 102.

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