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Sacramento Radio History
KROY Early Years

by Alex Cosper

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Early Sacramento History

KFBK was Sacramento's only licensee on the local airwaves until KROY arrived in 1937 at 1210 AM and then moved to 1240 AM four years later. Named after its first owner, Royal Miller, the station delivered popular syndicated shows of the day such as Your Hit Parade. Until the end of World War II, Sacramento's only two radio stations were KFBK and KROY. One of KROY's early salesmen was Elton Rule, who later went on to become a broadcast icon as President of ABC. A deeper look at the history of KROY can be found at

Roy Sells KROY

In 1946 the history of radio changed when the FCC, for the first time, had to oversee a bidding war for a radio property. That station was none other than KROY and it changed hands from the Royal Miller Estate to Harmco Inc. for $150K. Eight years later Robert Walker Dunn bought the station and ran it until 1959, when Lincoln Dellar Stations moved in. Under this new ownership KROY became a top 40 station in 1960 - when 8 year old Dave Williams started to listen and decided that he wanted to pursue a radio career - one that would constantly find him at number one in Sacramento. In KROY's early stage of its long run delivering the national hits to Sacramento, the station billed itself as "Color Radio," consulted by Ted Randall.

History of KROY

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