Sacramento Radio History

by Alex Cosper

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KCRA, A News Leader in Television and Radio

Kelly Broadcasting was a huge media force in Sacramento media from the early 1960s through early 1980s. They owned both KCRA-TV Channel 3 and 1320 KCRA on the AM Radio dial until selling the televsion station to Hearst and the radio station to Tribune, which changed the call letters to KGNR. Both stations were the first in Sacramento to feature live news reports from the sky, featuring pilot Dann Shively. Johnny Hyde, who programmed 1240 KROY in its heyday, programmed a mix of news and popular music for KCRA AM in the early 70s.

Shively joined KCRA radio in September 1972 as a news reporter. His first report was the air show disaster at Executive Airport in which 22 people were killed when a plane crashed into Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor. Shively acquired his licenses through the GI Bill in the late sixties then got his private license in 1971 and helicopter in 1975. He also had radio experience growing up in Vallejo. At Sac State he gained experience at KERS. He went on to do helicopter reports for KCRA-TV TV, who purchased a helicopter in 1979. Shively also worked briefly at Channel 10 a few time but returned to KCRA then retired in 2011. The piot reporter was interviewed by SacTV in February 2012 about his TV and radio career.

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