Sacramento Radio History
Tony Cox Tells How FM Took Over (KROY 1970s)

by Alex Cosper

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Tony Cox did middays on KROY AM in 1976 under PD Steve Rivers, who later went on to become a big industry name as a radio consultant across the country. Other personalities on KROY at that time were Uncle Byron and T.N. Tanaka in the mornings, Dave Michaels in afternoons and Jeff "Mutha" Robbins in evenings. Brian White did late nights and would go on to program KSFM in the late eighties. A few years later Cox left to do Chicago radio.

When he came back to do mornings at KROY-FM in 1979, he sensed the sudden popularity of FM due to the new technology that improved FM reception in cars. Cox says in our exclusive 2000 video interview, "Prior to 1978 there was too much ghosting and shadowing of (FM) signals in cars. It was corrected by MPX multi-path. When you were on an AM radio station back in '79 during this transition to FM, you could actually hear a vacuum of people tuning out." Cox, a popular voice in town, stayed with KROY until its ownership change in the mid-eighties and then did middays at FM 102 through the early nineties.

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