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Explore the World of Recording

The world of recording is one of the most exciting industries and is responsible for plenty of cultural interests. This section of Playlist Research points you through the various avenues of recording, whether yau are seeking to record your own music, planning to hire a production and studio musician or studying to be a recording producer/engineer. Recording can be simple and affordable or complex and expensive. Usually the latter reflects the recordings that get radio airplay. Below is a video interview with indie producer/musician Jeffry-Wynne Prince about tips on home recording.

Songwriters and Musicians

How to Start a Music Project
Why songs are more important than recordings
Recording Music in the Cloud
Jay Shaner's Home Recording Studio
Home Recording Demystified

Recording Producers

Tips on How to Produce Music
Recording Production Analysis with Jay Shaner
Tips on How to Soundproof a Room for Recording
How Electronic Effects Became Overdone in Music
History of Record Labels and the Music Industry

Recording Students

Deciding on Recording Arts Schools
History of Recording Arts Schools

Musician Resources

Independent Music Business Strategy
History of DIY Music
The 21st Century Independent Music Revolution
Affordable Ways to Promote Music Online
Tips for Learning a Musical Instrument
Tips for Indie Musicians

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