Public Radio Stations That Accept Music Submissions

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88.9 KUCI-FM Irvine, CA KUCI 88.9 Underground Music and Talk UC Irvine Campus Media Coordinator
89.3 KCMP-FM Northfield, MN 89.3 The Current Minnesota Public Radio American Public Media Programming
89.3 KZUM-FM Lincoln, NE KZUM Radio Sunrise Communications Music Director
89.9KCRW-FM Santa Monica 89.9 KCRW Santa Monica Community College Malcolm
90.1 WOI-FM Ames, IA Iowa Public Radio Iowa State University Music Director
90.3 KFAI-FM Minneapolis, MN KFAI Radio Without Boundaries KFAI Music Department
90.3 KEXP-FM Seattle, WA KEXP University of Washington Music Director
90.3 KBSU-FM Boise, ID Boise State Public Radio Boise State University Idaho Music
90.5 KHSU-FM Arcata, CA KHSU Diverse Public Radio Humboldt State University Music Director
90.5 WBJB-FM Lincroft, NJ 90.5 The Night Brookdale Public Radio Brookdale Community College Music Director
91.7 WSGE-FM Dallas, NC 91.7 FM WSGE Your Eclectic Music Station Gaston College Programming
98.9 WCLZ-FM Southport, ME 98.9 FM WCLZ Different Is Good Saga Communications Music From 207
99.3 WXRY-FM Columbia, SC WXRY 99.3 The Independent Alternative Gamecock Alumni Broadcasters WXRY Unsigned

Digital vs Physical Music Submissions

Above are some of the public radio stations in America that accept music submissions based on information on their websites. Unfortunately, several radio stations as of 2014 still only accept CDs or vinyl and do not play electronic files. That's a huge disadvantage to both the artist and the station because it presumes that the only legitimate music worth playing is music that has been manufactured for commercial release. If someone is going to spend the money to manufacture CDs it's more than likely it's for commercial purposes since if music were just a hobby it can easily be distributed at no cost as mp3s, aac or wav files.

The idea that music has to be commercial to be legit is old news since about 95% of CDs on the market never return a profit. Not only is this a big waste of money, it's wasteful to the environment. It makes much more sense for both commercial and noncommercial artists to distribute their music electronically. If you must make CDs, it should be limited pressings based on demand. Keep in mind that iTunes has been the number one music retail outlet in America since 2007. That's why Playlist Research applauds forward thinking radio stations such as KCRW in Santa Monica, CA, KEXP in Seattle, WA and WXRY in Columbia, SC, which each accept digital submissions.

In addition to the stations above, there are syndicated radio shows to consider, such as Echoes, which is heard on over 130 public radio stations in America. The two hour show is aired daily and accepts digital files, but prefers CDs. NPR Music also reaches a large audience across many PBS stations.

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