How to Soundproof a Room for Recording

Soundproofing a room is difficult and should be considered a major project. One of the best ways to stop sound from moving through walls is to build a room within a room or garage. Double walls can help stop the sound, along with certain materials and room shapes. Ideally, the studio will be on the ground floor, which simplifies the process. You will find that most rooms are not suitable for recording since homes and commercial building are not necessarily designed with soundproofing in mind. The following checklist will help you plan on soundproofing a room with proper materials and techniques.

1. Box shaped rooms with parallel walls are not good conditions for recording.

2. Floating floors and extra ceilings help block out sound, along with double walls.

3. Ideally the recording area should be isolated from the surrounding walls and ceiling.

4. Rooms with thin walls are not idea for recording since they do not shut out outside noise.

5. Low ceilings do not help recording since they can cause sound reflection.

6. It's a good idea to get professional help when building your own soundproof studio.

7. Be careful about hiring an architect who may not be knowledgeable about acoustics.

8. Builders may also lack knowledge of acoustics.

9. Studio foam helps absorb sound in a vocal recording booth.

10. Creating multiple layers of walls with absorbant materials is key to soundproofing.

11. The recording studio can be insulated with drywall, plaster or fiberglass.

12. Egg cartons, curtains and mattresses can be used as a wall layer to dampen sound.

13. Windows should be air tight and covered or double-paned for best results.

14. Vibrations that escape a room can be amplified from bouncing off walls and ceilings.

15. A room surrounded by concrete walls on a concrete slab is likey soundproof.

16. Material made of thick fabric or quilting may provide an effective layer of insulation.

17. Adding a layer of foam or other absorbant material under the carpet can help provide soundproofing.

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