Recording Industry Statistics 2013-2014

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In April 2014 the IFPI issued its annual report on consumer trends called Recording Industry in Numbers. The report mentioned that 2013 global digital revenue was $5.9 billion while streamining subscriptions were at $1.1 billion. In terms of royalty payments, Performance Rights earned $943 million while Synchronization earned $337 million and physical albums earned $9.4 billion. Physical sales comprised 57 percent of 2013 revenue while digital sales accounted for 35 percent of revenue.

The total value of the global recording industry in 2013 was $15 billion, according to

A survey in 2013 by IFPI across ten markets ranked the most popular online streaming services by how familiar internet users were with the services. YouTube came out on top with 91 percent familiarity while iTunes came in second place with 73 percent familiarity. The rest of the list included Amazon, Spotify, Deezer and VEVO.

The top five biggest revenue generating countries for music sales in 2013, according to the IFPI, were 1) The United States, 2) Japan, 3) The United Kingdom, 4) Germany and 5) France. Only the top four generated over $1 billion in sales with the US leading at $4.48 billion.

About 57 percent of recording artists sell under 50 units per year, according to a message from on 12/19/12. A decline in Japan affected total global revenues, which fell by .1 percent

Record Store Day 2014 helped elevate sales at independent store by 11 percent versus the same week the previous year. The annual event was held April 19, 2014. Several independent chains, including Dimple Records in Sacramento, reported best roecord store day earnings ever, according to Spin. Meanwhile, overall music sales for the week fell 2.2 percent from the previous year. About three percent of sales were for vinyl records.

Since 2010, only one album has earned a "Diamond Award" from the RIAA, which reflects the sale of 10 million units. That album has been 21 by Adele in 2011.

Digital music sales surpassed physical sales for the first time in 2011.

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