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Local Valencia, Spain Music Scene

Valencia is a city with a heavy folk tradition, embracing the spirit of folk and bandes, whose brass sounds have defined the sound of the region for the past century. One of the biggest musical events of the year is the Certamen Internacional de Bandas de Musica, which is a music competition that's been going on since 1886, attracting visitors from all over Europe. Some of the most talked about local artists in Valencia include rock band Uzzhuaia, folk singer Juanjo Perez, alternative band Fanaticos, R&B group The Beabops and worldbeat artist Marcos Requena.

The qualities that have made the Valencia music scene familiar to so many people for decades have been organic, energetic, uplifting sounds. Opera music has been preserved in the region and has mixed with folk, which is evident in zarzuelas. Some of the city's most celebrated venues have been Plaza de Toros, Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, Palau de las Musica and Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno. While it's accurate to say that Valencia embraces eclectic sounds, it's the folk tradition that has had the most impact on the region.

One of the things that brings local musicians together are compilation CDs. Diverse albums can be the ideal solution for a group of artists who can't afford to release their own CDs. A recording budget can be expensive enough, but when you add in CD manufacturing and then the costs of promotion, it can easily run up a bill of $10,000 or more. A pressing of 1000 CDs along with art work and packaging can cost about $1000. As downloads gain in popularity and CDs become more rare, it could drive up the cost of CD manufacturing.

In order to save money, 10-20 Valencia artists come together and pay for the CD manufacturing. Then they are each allocated a fair number of units that they can resell. The artists might be able to save money completely if they find a sponsor, such as a local newspaper, radio station or night club. Another way to fund the project can be through a crowdfunding site such as KickStarter. Compilation CDs are popular with collectors, especially if each artist is hard to find otherwise on disc. The compilation concept is also a great idea for archiving local music history.

A common theme that ties all the tracks together, might help the cause of a compilation CD, especially if the theme is a social cause relevant to the residents of Valencia. A CD that helps raise money for charity or natural disaster victims can make local television news and spark interest in the community as an historic time marker. A sports theme CD about winning might end up getting played at a local stadium, especially if the songs promote the sport, the teams, the community and the spirit of teamwork and winning. It can even include the National Anthem of Spain.

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