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U.S. Regional and Local Music Scenes
Local Madrid, Spain Music Scene

Madrid has a growing music scene, fueled by traditional styles such as flamenco. Alternative music has made a mark in recent years, especially with annual festivals such as La Radio Encendida, which is a free all ages event that celebrates the local scene in the spring. Top music acts in Madrid include rock band Los Cocidos, pop group Hombres G, metal band Haemorrhage, rock singer David Carretero and alternative band Vipership. The city embraces various styles from rock to hip hop to jazz.

While no other artist has sold more records than the Beatles, not many other artists can claim they experimented with as many genres as they did. Their resume of genres included pop, rock, soul, country, reggae, folk, classical, blues, jazz, big band, psychedelic, electronic, children's and novelty. What they proved was that it is possible for an artist to be diverse and successful, which contrasts with today's narrow target marketing. Part of why they got so much attention from the media was that they appealed to so many different segments of society.

Aaron Thomas is originally from Sydney, Australia but has found success upon relocating to Madrid. While most of the local residents speak Spanish, he has gained a following by singing in English. He sees the music of Madrid being eclectic as audiences accept international influences from England, France, America and Australia.

Madrid's local music history, like that of many other major cities, has been mainly associated with vibrant night clubs. While many patrons love live music, alcohol is one of the main things that connects venues with music. Without bars that cater to youth it would be hard to imagine what the pulse of the local music scene would be.

Spain, despite the economic downturn the past decade, is still a very vibrant country with a fun night life and Madrid is one of the key places for entertainers to develop. Some of the funnest venues are the Wurlitzer Ballroom, Sirocco and Sala Sol. It's a city that is not so bound by tradition and embraces any kind of sound that promotes a party atmosphere. Local artists who write fun spirited songs, particularly about the party lifestyle, tend to get more attention.

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