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Local Berlin, Germany Music Scene

Local music of Berlin has a great opportunity to contrast with the boring national pop scene. As more people wake up and realize that the pop charts have become mostly a marketing game of the same redundant sounds, they are looking for alternatives that can provide refreshing sounds. One of the most overlooked places is people's own backyards where independent local artists are struggling to make a living. Leading local acts in Berlin include Henrik Freischlader, Xelil Xemgin, Kadhalviruz, Stranded Guns and Attack Karma.

Original melodies can be constructed in many different ways. One of the reasons for the ongoing myth that music has limits is that it's controlled by limited sources who want to keep it that way. As long as they can control a narrow scope of genres, they can keep marketing the same product over and over. It's time for communities around the world to denounce this archaic souless system that commercializes music to its weakest possibilities just to make a handful of uncreative people rich. The first step is for people to speak up about promoting local artists.

Germany has a rich history of offerning new sounds to the world, especially when it comes to classical music, which has been a huge influence in shaping international pop music of the past few centuries. Germany has also played a huge role in the development of electronic dance music, but German artists now need to break away from the sounds that the world continues to imitate to the point formulas are being overdone.

One way to break away from the predictable formulas of the music industry is for musicians to free themselves from click track based recordings. Click tracks are metronomes that musicians hear in their headphones when they record. It ensures that everyone plays to the same timing, which ultimately is established by the drums. This electronic element alone limits the possibilities of thoughtful storyteller music. In poetry there are no rules about meter or rhythm other than words should flow nicely.

There's no reason why three companies should control most of the music that sells in the world. That's not capitalism or a free marketplace at all. It's just a bully system that shuts out most musicians. A better system than for worldwide music is to let different sounds organically develop around the world so that hundreds of companies can thrive. Berlin is in a good position to be the epicenter of the next music revolution. Some of the important venues where this revolution is flourishing include Admiralspalast, Quasimodo and Max-Schmeling-Halle.

Interview with Berlin Singer/Songwriter Anton Barbeau

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