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U.S. Regional and Local Music Scenes
Local Paris, France Music Scene

France is the home of Daft Punk, which has become an international sensation. Add to the equation that Paris has always been a vibrant tourist city that attracts visitors from around the world and it's easy to see how exciting the night life is. Some of the top venues include Buddha Bar, Hotel Costes and Man Ray. The leading music acts in Paris include eclectic band La Jongle, jazz singer Denise King, classical act Azofia, alternative artist Madame B and rock band Ashes Warriors.

Paris is a city where many up and coming artists flock to from other countries, hoping to cash in on the artistic atmosphere felt in many crowd settings. Artists love to record in Paris because they are inspired by the scenic beauty and world famous landmarks. Many aritsts of the local scene strive to be experimental and craft songs that move like a seamless stream of interconnected musical ideas, hoping to create a timeless masterpiece appreciated by the world.

In recent year Paris has generated a list of aritsts that have gained notoriety beyond French borders. A lot of the music scene is driven by electronic dance music from Germany. The two countries share transient artists who drift back and forth, although Germany tends to have more impact on the European music scene. For American visitors, both countries can be just as foreign unless they visit large venues in Paris such as Le Batacian. Some of the other places to catch up and coming talent include Le Klub, Le Carmen and Le Pompon.

One of the worst myths that has stifled the development of music throughout modern history is that "all the melodies that could be created have already been created." This myth tends to be voices by uncreative people from the music industry who only understand money and not music. It explains why the international music industry has been so focused on mostly sounding derivative artists since the corporate mergers of the mid to late 90s. This fact has led to many fans and critics complaining about the quality of pop music since this period. If Paris artists want to make more of an impact on the global music scene, they need to release more music that stands out as unique.

The independent music world is not bound by the doctrines of the three major labels, so you will likely find much more variety from the indie world, especially on ReverbNation or SoundCloud. In 2013 there have been several accusations of pop hits sounding like direct rip offs of other hits. This lack of creativity has helped the indie world gain more acceptance, as indie music not accounts for a third of all music sales. Paris musicians need to concentrate more on developing its indie scene and not follow European or American trends.

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