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Local Sao Paulo, Brazil Music Scene

Sao Paulo, like Rio de Janeiro, is one of the most populated cities in the world and is therefore very important to the music industry of Brazil. The two cities share many of the same regional talent and produce many national acts as well as successful artists for South America. Some of the top regional artists include rock band Programa Tribos do Rock, alternative singer Nil Galliguer, r&b star Gabriela Pepino, gospel singer Michelle Nascimento and rocker Luiza Recco.

Local artists of Sao Paulo who create social commentary songs are common, as it's one of the strongest things a musician can do to get an edge. Writing a song about an issue opens the door to potential media coverage, not just on a local level, but on a national level as well. Music critics and bloggers are always looking for something meaningful to bring about because it makes them look smart to their audiences. So instead of forcing them to dig back to the sixties to find message songs, give them something new and fresh. Sao Paulo is also a hotbed for people with tattoos from the alternative scene.

Local artists can elevate their cause by promoting themselves with regionally specific keywords, even with genres, such as "Sao Paulo pop band." The smaller the neighborhood is, the better chance you have at showing up in those type of searches, whereas "Brazil pop band" will likely be a crowded list. It's a good idea to keep your musical keywords unique. They don't have to relate to region, but that's one example where a local act can have an edge.

Sao Paulo artists perform at venues such as All of Jazz, Barnaldo Lucrecia, Cafe Plu Plu, Nu Mata Cafe, Piratininga and Villa Country. The Sao Paulo Music and Arts Festival is a place of many surprises as Courtney Love did an unexpected strip tease at the show in November 2011. The overall music scene is virant and on the cutting edge compared to many major cities. One of the most popular dance clubs is Azucar. One of the most casual places to have a wild time is Cariocas. The history of Sao Paulo music has revolved around upbeat night clubs.

The problem that most Sao Paulo musicians face, which is similar to the problems of independent pioneers of any industry, is that the tech world still controls the main infrastructure of the internet, which favors corporations. But an organic music community still exists in Sao Paulo and it doesn't seem that it's ever going away. The New York Times wrote about the city in March 2013, how it's become shocking for tourists who may not be prepared for its ultra casual night life atmosphere.

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